About – AquariumCalculators.com


AquariumCalculators.com was set-up as an independent hub for providing the best planted tank dosing methods and aquarium plant food recipes from around the web.
Many dosing solutions have evolved over the last 10 years* but some have also been lost over time – hopefully moving forward we can continue to catalogue these methods both old and new as well as increasing the functionality by converting them in to ‘calculators’ where appropriate.
If you find this resource useful please share it around the web as you see fit, we appreciate all links on forums, facebook and other social media.
If you spot a mistake please get in touch via the contact us page and if you would like to see a particular dosing method,  ingredient or branded plant food added please do the same.

Most of all – Have fun with it and let us know what you think. 🙂


*some seem to have taken a step backward too – becoming far more complicated than they were ever intended!